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Independence Day

  • Date :- 13 August 2021
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Independence Day celebration at school often mean a beautifully decorated campus in ribbons and balloons of our national flag's colours , Students proudly singing the national anthem and looking forward to present some amazing dance and song performances. But this year, covid-19 has shut schools indefinitely and added a twist to the 75th Independence Day celebration the fervour remains but most educational institutions are opting for a virtual route. Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School Nagpur for instance ,the Patriotism found a digital expression. Talking about this year's celebration our Principal Mrs.Vinita Bansal said "We will be having a flag hoisting ceremony with the staff at school but there will be a simultaneous proper program with students participating virtually. So in Pre-primary sections teachers conducted virtual session .They gave a small speech about Independence day. After that they showed a video of principal Ma'am, In which she gave a small speech on Independence day children were dressed up like National leaders and said some slogans . Several students attended the session and participated sincerely . Children also like the concept behind the speeches.

English Story-telling Competition

  • Date :- 11 February 2021
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Story telling has been an integral part of our childhood . To keep the tradition going and to incite curiosity and the love for reading in children, a story telling competition was held on 11 Feb 2021 for pre-primary section. The young, enthusiastic, storytellers armed with their props came forth with wonderful tales while some stories gave the audience food for thought and some reinforced moral values.

Republic Day Celebration

  • Date :- 22 January 2021
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

The 72 nd Republic Day Celebration is the 1 st major public event in India since the pandemic struck . The teachers also explained to the students why the Republic Day celebration was short and simple . Due to the pandemic situation . The school authorities were trying their best to make the virtual Republic Day celebration as lively as possible . The Pre-primary kids proved their zeal for creativity through craft work. Our honorable principal ma'am Mrs. Vinita Bansal said in her speech, We should teach our children to cherish our culture and celebrating the Republic Day is a step in that direction. Students will know and , thus respect the Freedom Fighters "Sacrifices which will encourage them to cross every hurdle for a better future ". Students of different classes were assigned different tasks , which will be displayed online with special live prize distribution for students of academic session 2020-21.

Makar Sankranti Report

  • Date :- 14 January 2021
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Makar Sankranti, a festival dedicated to the sun god, is one of the most ancient Hindu festivals celebrated across India with much fanfare. The festival marks the beginning of the auspicious period of Uttarayan . People fly kites and prepare traditional sweets like gazak for this festival that marks the arrival of spring. Kite flying is an intrinsic part of Makar Sankranti celebrations. Colourful kites adorn the sky from the morning of Makar Sankranti . Celebrating festivals in school brings the awareness and build cultural belief in children . We believe in the uniqueness of each child and push children to become the best in their own way. In Pre-primary section teachers conducted virtual session and to explained about importance of Makar Sankranti and showed them hoe to make Kite . Children enjoyed this activity a lot.

Christmas Celebration

  • Date :- 23 December 2020
  • Day :- Thursday
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Christmas is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, is also known as 'The Son Of God'. On 23rd of December, our school celebrated both
Christmas and New Year. To set a perfect example of secularism, we celebrate all the festivals in our school. The celebration had taken place in the
school hall. There was a Christmas tree decorated with lamps and toys and flowers in one corner of the hall. We had also decorated the stage with Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year tags. We celebrated both the events (Christmas Day and Welcoming of New Year) together.

The significance of the festival was explained to the students through the Christmas story. In pre-primary section School organized a virtual session
to explain the significance of the festival. Students made the X-mas tree colored the Santa. Students enjoyed the online zoom session.

Diwali Celebration

  • Date :- 12 November 2020
  • Day :- Thursday
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

"Diyas to enjoy life, Sweets to Sweeten success and Worship to thank God."

Diwali is one of the biggest festivals of India . It is known as festival of lights and is celebrated
by people of all religions with joy. Diwali is also celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama.
Diwali celebration at SGHPS illuminated everyone's heart with joy and fervor . The
teachers informed the students a few days prior regarding the celebration and explained the
students how we used to celebrate it in different ways .Teachers took the online session and kids
were ready with their materials .

In grade nursery to Sr.kg students made Diwali greeting cards and paper lamp during the session
they were happy to make it . Children were very excited and they wore traditional dresses.

Ganesh Chaturthi

  • Date :- 22 August 2020
  • Day :- Saturday
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School organised a virtual session to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi on 22 august 2020. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Ganesha the
son of Lord shiva and Parvati. The festival is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Ganesh Utsav. Students along with their parents participated in the online celebration teacher
explained the importance of the festival and also told them the need for celebrating the festival with an eco friendly concept.

An activity of clay modelling was conducted and children made an idol of Ganesh with various colours of clay. They enjoyed the activity a lot.

Independence Day

  • Date :- 15 August 2020
  • Day :- Saturday
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

It is the 74th Indian Independence Day this year which means India has achieved 73 years of freedom. We as Indians pay respect to all the leaders who
fought bravely for our nation's freedom in the past. On this day , the Prime Minister of India will hoist our tricolour flag at the Red Fort Old Delhi.
He will also deliver a speech to the nation as well. However, all cultural programs and school celebrations won't occur this year due to the Covid-19

Sri Guru Harkishan Public School celebrated 15 August with great Joy. School organised a virtual session to celebrate Independence Day. Jyoti
teacher of Pre-primary conducted the virtual session. She gave a small speech about the Independence Day.

An activity to draw and colour the national flag was given to the children .Children enjoyed this activity a lot.

Hindi Recitation competition

  • Date :- 23rd October 2020
  • Day :- Friday
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Reading through books is not the only medium of learning but fun filled activities and competitions
enhance the learning process. Keeping this in mind a Hindi recitation competition was organized for the children.
This kind of activities help the children to develop confidence, improve vocabulary and also
help the students to get rid of stage fear.
All the children of class Nursery to Sr.KG participated in the competition.

Morning Assembly - Health & Hygiene(Good Manners on Cleanliness)

  • Date :- 24th July 2019
  • Class :- Sr. KG A
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School


  1. Kavya Kopesseti
  2. Rayirth Indurkar
  3. Minakshi Londe
  4. Aradhya Meshram
  5. Shreyash Ramteke
  6. Manan Mishra

Balloon Day

  • Date :- 5th July 2019
  • School :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School

Nutritious Day

  • Date :- 2nd August 2019
  • Venue :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School
  • Classes :- Pre Primary

Akhil Bhartiya Nagrik Kendra All India Drawing Competition 2019-20

  • Date :- 5th August 2019
  • Venue :- Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School
  • No of Students participated :- 239
  • Classes :- Jr. KG to X

Winners :-

Guru Nanak Jayanti Shabad by Student & Teachers

Date: - 23 rd November 2018 | Venue: - Kasturchand Park

Grandparents Day

Date: - 5-12-2018 | Venue: - School | Class: - Pre- Primary


Jungle Party Celebration 2018

Date: - 26-10-18 | Venue: - School | Class: - Pre-Primary

Pre-Primary Annual Sports Day 2018

Date: - 29-10-2018 | Venue: - School | Class: - Pre-Primary, Nursery, Sr. KG, Jr. KG

Parents Teacher's Association (2018-2019)
Date: - 31.08.2018 | Venue: - School

Janmahastami Program
Date :24-08-18 | Venue:School | Class :Pre-primary

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration
Date: - 07.09.2018 | Venue: - School | Class :- Pre-Primary

Celebration of Independence Day

Date:10 th August 2018 | Venue:School | Class : Pre-primary

Environment Day

Date :13-07-18 | Class : Pre-Primary | Venue :School


Fruit Salad

Date : 20-07-18 | Venue:School | Class :Pre-Primary

Green Board Decoration
Class : II A | Class Teacher:Mrs Kshama Bansod


Annual Sports Meet 2017-18 (Pre-Primary)
Date :8-12-17 | Venue :School Ground

Grand Parents Day
Date:17.11.2017 | Class : Pre-Primary | Venue:School

Teacher' s Day Celebration
Date:04-09-17 | Class : Pre-primary

Green Day Celebration
Date : 21-07-17 | Venue :School | Class :Pre-primary

Pink Day Celebration
Date : 7-07-17 | Venue : School | Class :Pre-primary

Fruit Salad Day
Date: 14-07-17 | Venue: School | Class : Pre-primary

Quiz Contest
Date :7-02-2017 | Venue:School | Class : Pre-primary

Dance Competition
Date :10-02-17 | Venue : School | Class : Pre-primary

Republic Day Celebration
Date: 26 Jan 17 | Venue :School | Class :Pre-primary

Grand Parent's Day Celebration
Date :20-01-17 | Venue :School | Class : Pre-Primary

Annual Sports Meet
Theme : “Save Environment” | Date : 8-12-16
Venue :School Ground | Class : Pre-Primary


Christmas Celebration
Date :23-12-16 | Venue : School ground

Nutrition Week
Venue :School | Class:Pre-Primary

Rakhi Making
Date: 19-08-16 | Venue :School | Class:Pre-Primary


Janmashtami Singing Competition
Date:09-09-16 |Class: Pre-Primary | Venue:School

Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration

Date ::02-09-16 | Venue:School |Class:Pre-primary

Independence Day CelebrationAnd Fancy Dress Competition
Date :12-08-16 | Venue :School

Thread Impression
Date:05-08-16 | Class: Pre-primary |Venue:School

Balloon Day
Date:21-07-16 | Venue: School | Class :Pre-Primary

Pink Day Celebration
Date :8-7-2016 | Venue: School


Memory Contest (Pre-primary) | Date:15 Jan 2016

Winners are:

Jr KG A: SwarneemKamble
Jr KG B: HifzaFatema
Jr KG C: JanhviWaghmare
Jr KG D: IrshantBaksariya

Sr KG A: Vedant
Sr KG B: VanshKhurana
Sr KG C: AradhyaSahare
Sr KG D: Nikhil Dudhpachare

Annual Sports Day (Pre-Primary)
Date: 5 Feb 2016 | Venue:School



CHILDREN'S DAY CELEBRATION and Jungle Party | Date: 30/10/15

Children enjoying jungle party. Student's celebrating Children Day

PICNIC – Pre-Primary
Venue: Maharaj Bagh |Date: 19/10/15

Tiny tots presenting their talent by giving wonderful performance of classical, western and many more dances.

BHEL MAKING on 16/10/15 - Tiny tots enjoying making Bhel.

Ganesh Chauturti | Date: 18 Sep. 2015

Report for Janmashtami Celebrated by Pri-primary students |Date: 07/09/2015

Grand Parents Day Celebration organized by Pre-Primary Section

Grand Parents Rejoiced by participating in games, dances, etc.

Republic day Celebration by Pre-Primary Section

Students presented Songs and Dances. Incentive prize winners 2013-14 were awarded. Certificates of ‘Academic Excellence'.

Hindi Story Telling competition conducted by Pre-Primary Section


In Pre-Primary Section lot of activities are taken for there all round development. Tiny tots perform various activities like Fancy Dress Competition, Plantation, Sandwich making, Story Telling, Recitation, etc. For Academic side Play – way Method is being followed.



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